About Me


I have been singing since I was 3 years old, raised on a staple diet of awesome rock, pop and soul music (thanks, Mum and Dad). I joined my first professional working band at age 21 and have been behind a microphone ever since, singing lead and backing vocals in a wide variety of rock, soul and blues bands, working as a session singer and taking part in many stage productions, including several at the London Palladium. My current band is Soul Enforcement Bureau, an 8-piece soul band that has performed in many venues in the UK, most recently at Watford Colosseum.

I have been a teacher of CCM singing styles exclusively for over 15 years, working both privately and within secondary and dance schools. I’ve trained extensively in many different areas of voice study, including the Estill Model, advanced anatomy and voice acoustics, and have taught a wide range of students, from amateurs to professionals.

I’ll complete my MA in Voice Pedagogy in April 2021 and am a passionate advocate of the importance of training more rock/pop teachers and conducting more contemporary voice research, both of which will form the basis of my final dissertation project. I’m a member of VASTA and the British Voice Association, and have been chosen by the latter to present my research at their Choice for Voice conference, to take place in September 2021.

Training and Study


Over the last 15 years my training has been continuous, diverse and wide-ranging. Recent courses and webinars attended include:

  • Pedagogy in Perspective: Developing the Gospel/Soul Singer with Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin (August 2020)
  • Mindfulness and Imagery in Voice Work with Dr. Christina Shewell (July 2020)
  • Contributing to the Discipline of Voice with Dr. Rockford Sansom (VASTA) (June 2020)
  • Kerrie Obert on Twang (April 2020)
  • Coaching and Mentoring with Dr. Jenevora Williams (April 2020)
  • Introduction to Voice Acoustics with Evolving Voice (Feb 2020)

Teaching Philosophy

I strongly believe in vocal individuality and will do everything I can to develop it. My basic principles in teaching are:

  • To help you learn more about your own voice and make the singing process easier and more reliable
  • To help you understand that making mistakes in lesson time is normal, and a vital part of learning how to control your voice. My studio should feel like a safe place to experiment with it 😉
  • To encourage you to look after your voice and keep it healthy
  • To understand what your goals are and work towards them using a combination of vocal technique, practice exercises and repertoire work
  • To help you enjoy singing and have fun along the way!


My background is in rock, pop and musical theatre singing styles, so these are the ones I feel most comfortable teaching professionally, but I am very open-minded and will always try to help.

I also specialise in harmony work and vocal arranging. See here.