When I first started singing lessons I was incredibly nervous, but Jo made me feel so comfortable and at ease in her class I never looked back. I will always be grateful for her patience, she had a great talent for pushing me to achieve new heights but always went at a pace that I was comfortable with.  Jo has a fantastic voice and is such a wonderful person, it is clear how much she loves singing and teaching. I couldn’t recommend her more!”

Ami J


“Jo has helped me get a year’s worth of skill in just a month as well as being very versatile in the styles I want to sing and being very friendly too.”

Kaspar R


“Jo’s warmth and vibrant teaching style gave me confidence in my singing again; I felt so comfortable and supported during our lessons and could trust her implicitly.”

Issy R


“I’ve always been in choirs and sung, but Jo has completely transformed my voice in the time that I’ve known her, introducing me to notes I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying to hit before. She fills you with confidence and always believes in you!”

Dan C


“Over the years I had been taught by Jo in school, I learned so much about not only singing, but myself as well! All the singing techniques she ever taught me, I still hold in my head and put in place today. As I am going on to audition for Musical Theatre studies at University, I have found myself going back to ask for help from Jo. I have always loved her lessons and have missed her dearly, she has been more than a mentor but an amazing friend too.”

Niamh M


“Jo has not only helped to develop my voice but also to understand it. My ability has improved through her teaching me, and also my confidence. She made sure I felt comfortable while singing but also challenged me. The lessons I had with her were also really fun and full of laughter.”

Freya H


“Jo is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher who works so hard to help every single student she has, whether they are studying rock, pop or musical theatre. Thanks to Jo’s help and brilliant teaching, I was able to continue my singing training at University.

Jo has a fantastic and relaxed teaching style which helps her students gain the best results possible, and puts you at ease. She gives you so many opportunities to improve your singing and gives you the confidence to try new and harder things.”

Yasmin D